The Game Series -- Musical Scrabble

This will be the first of a series of posts where I'll describe different games that I've found to be successful in my studio. The particular game I'll be discussing here would be relevant to teachers of any instrument, not just the guitar. Its objective is to reinforce note naming by having students write note names on the staff.

 I call it Musical Scrabble. In order to play, you will need just two things: a Scrabble board and stickers.

First, take out any letters that are not part of the musical alphabet. Then, pick two random tiles and flip them over so that the letters are not showing. Place a different colored sticker on each. Once you've done that, set them on opposite ends of the board.

Make sure all of the other tiles  are flipped over so that you cannot see the letters. Have the student choose a random tile and flip it over to reveal the letter. Give them five seconds to write the name of this letter in its correct position on the staff. If they get it right, have them move the stickered tile forward based on the corresponding number on the letter. If incorrect, they do not move forward. Next, select a random Scrabble tile yourself. Play a quick round of Rock, Paper, Scissors with the student. If you win, you should go ahead and move your sticker forward by the number on the selected Scrabble tile. 

The first one to the end of the board wins!! For a more detailed and visual explanation, subscribe to my instagram @prattmusicmethod.